Includes a jug cover, an extra small that fits on a noodle bowl and a small size which gets used continually during the week for serving and ongoing dishes. Super handy for sauces, snack bowls and leftovers.

  • Jug cover in Roasted Red fits up to 13 cm/5 inches (fits maximum diameter)
  • Extra small cover in Cool Grey fits up to 16 cm/6 inches (fits maximum diameter)
  • Small cover in Blue Grey fits up to 18 cm/7 inches (fits maximum diameter)
  • Simple to use fits various shapes and sizes.
  • Breathable, no sweating of leafy greens and condensation.
  • Simple to use fits various shapes and sizes.
  • Plastic-free, non-disposable, long-lasting.
  • A fantastic alternative to plastic wrap.
  • Not microwave or oven proof.
  • 100% lightweight cotton.

Care instructions: Machine wash, air or tumble dry as required.

This Utensils Series is the work of Gabriele Jacobs. Meet the Artist.