MicroDermabrasion Facial


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Micro-exfoliants join forces with 6 alpha hydroxy acids plus probiotics to brighten, soften & smooth.  Physical exfoliants, bamboo & volcanic ash, gently buff away dry, dull skin, while half a dozen AHAs, including glycolic & mandelic acid, offer a gentle chemical exfoliation that leaves you glowing!

A true dermabrasion treatment that can be used up to 2x weekly for an at-home spa experience!


Boxes are printed with soy inks on FSC certified paper. Glass bottles and droppers are fully recyclable. Rubber tops and plastic seals are accepted through our free recycling partnership with TerraCycle.

Only 2 left in stock

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“...The exfoliating abilities of a half-dozen AHAs - lactic, glycolic, mandelic, citric, tartaric, and malic - and combines it with physical exfoliation ...for a can't-fail discoloration-reducing treatment.” Allure


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