Mood Swings Brass Earrings – Twilight


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Reminiscent of the fleeting moments between day and night, these half-circle raw brass earrings are substantial, yet lightweight. Created from raw brass, natural mineral pigments in shades of magenta, aubergine, and cobalt suspended in BPA/VOC vegetable based resin.

Handcrafted gold filled ear wires.

Approximately 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

In stock

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The Mood Swings Brass Earrings in Twilight are reminiscent of the fleeting moment between daylight and darkness. The raw brass earrings frame a half-circle of natural mineral pigments suspended in BPA/VOC-free vegetable resin. The resin comes in shades of magenta, aubergine, and cobalt.

The handcrafted earrings hang from gold-filled ear wires. They are 2.5” long and 1” wide.

About the Artist

With more than fifteen years experience as a fashion and accessories designer, I gently transitioned to jewelry design after a particularly enchanting visit to one of the many Pacific Northwest forests. Endlessly inspired by the natural world, my focus is on utilizing sustainable materials in unique and unconventional ways. From a sliver of hardwood to a measure of antique textile, each material speaks to me and dictates the manner in which I design. As an artist with a background in anthropology, it is my intention to honor global traditions of craft and innovation.

Each of my pieces bears the marks of nature, and of the artist, and is inherently one of a kind. It is this unique quality that sets No Man’s Land Artifacts apart from the mass produced jewelry market, and gives each piece a special distinction.

Handcrafted gold filled ear wires.

Please note, paper pattern placement will vary.


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