Traverse: to travel across or through

Life isn’t always a straight and forward path. Traveling through the journey of life can have its twists and turns. Celebrate your twists and turns with the Rose Gold Traverse Necklace and partner pieces!

Gold plated chain. 16″-18″ chain length, Flattened instrument string shaped into a zigzag for a sleek look.

About the Designers – Strings for Hope

Our program focuses on women in residential recovery based facilities that provide accountability, structure, and resources for female survivors of addiction, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Strings for Hope enters our partner facilities once a week for 2 hours where our full time instructor teaches the skills needed to create our wonderful jewelry. All supplies such as guitar string, pliers, ruler, and more are provided for the women to be able to work from home the rest of the week. At the end of each class, each maker is given an order to complete that they will turn in the following week.

Their order is brought back to our in-house production where it is checked for quality. The following week the makers are given a check based on the items that pass our quality control check. The orders increase based on the maker’s skill level and availability. They get paid whether we sell their jewelry or not. After we have developed a relationship with these women and see their success with Strings for Hope, we give them an opportunity to employ them part time or full time. They come to our in-house workshop and are able to develop their skills even more. In-house, we have soldering equipment, a rolling mill, dremel tools and much more to finish and polish the pieces before we send them to our loyal customers. We not only want to meet our makers where they are now, but help them continue their success with recovery.