Twenty Two West comes from a place that inspires me

It’s the address of the home where I grew up and discovered the love of creating through the women who loved it before me.

Our lives are often filled with things that are mass-produced. My goal is to be in direct contrast to that by creating artisan jewelry and home décor that inspires an artful life. At Twenty Two West we believe that art brings joy to your life – whether you are wearing it, sharing it, or adding it to your home.

The moment I walk in the studio door I feel a rush of anticipation and excitement to create. I start my day with clay and threads and through the process of forming, firing, combing, and weaving, I get to see the raw materials transform into meaningful treasures. Each is a visual reminder of how perfectly wonderful it is to be artful, resilient, and kind.

Ethically sourced. Ethically made. 

The happiness that comes from creating is truly unmatched. I hope this little part of our creative days in the studio makes your days and home brighter.



Our studio provides a place for those who find joy in creating. Our team craves the feeling of clay in our hands, fibers on our fingers, and the beauty of rows and rows and rows of colorful threads. Because of you, Twenty Two West has been able to employ and empower artful souls, and create a space for them to do work that brings joy to their life and to the world.