We are thrilled to announce that starting on April 1, our charity of choice will be The Cool Kids Campaign Charlotte! They recently built a clubhouse in Huntersville, NC where children that are currently undergoing cancer treatments can get away from the hospital beds, tests and treatments. Their purpose is to bring a smile to these kids’ faces via fun activities such as celebrating treatment milestones, birthdays, movie nights, vacations and more. The clubhouse in Huntersville is named in honor of Olympic athlete, Dan Jansen, who tragically lost his sister to cancer during his time in the Olympics. We will bring you upcoming events, clubhouse updates and with your support, hopefully funds will be raised to be given directly to the clubhouse so they can continue to bring fun to these little ones’ lives.

As always, we appreciate your being part of this journey and we can’t wait to see the impact you will make!

We've Partnered with Cool Kids Campaign!

More about Cool Kids Campaign

Be the Reason They Smile.

Cool Kids Campaign provides free academic, social, and emotional support to Kids fighting cancer, survivors, and their families.

Our North Carolina Cool Kids Clubhouse, named in honor of Dan Jansen, Olympic gold medalist speed skater, provides programs that directly benefit the child with cancer, their siblings, and the parents.

Our goal is to reduce the social isolation experienced by children with cancer and their siblings as well as ensure that much needed social, academic, and emotional support is available to all families dealing with childhood cancer.

Our Local Programs Include:

  • Smile Celebrations – a child with cancer can invite up to 30 friends and family to celebrate a birthday or treatment milestone.
  • Monthly Movie Nights – Cool Kids provides parents with a rare night out while their Cook Kid and siblings enjoy dinner, crafts, and a movie at our Clubhouse.
  • Drop Off Days – throughout the year and during the summer, our clubhouse hosts Drop Off Days filled with fun therapeutic activities allowing the children and their siblings to engage in crafts, structured activities, free time, cooking and science, as well as enjoying fun meals and snacks with their peers.
  • Parent Support Groups – a rare opportunity to fellowship and relax with like-minded friends.
  • Myrtle Beach Vacation Condo – a free vacation home for families to use one week each year.

Our National Programs Include:

  • Care Packages – are sent to children in any state and offer custom packed boxes of fun for the child and their family
  • Our You Are Not Alone Book – complied of stores and testimonials written by and for Cool Kids families.
  • The Connection Newspaper – a newspaper oncology patients can relate to, published quarterly, and mailed to pediatric hospitals nationwide.

All of these programs rely on support from individuals and businesses in our community. Your gift to the Cool Kids Clubhouse will help us build these exciting programs and bring smiles to the faces of the coolest kids fighting cancer.