Get to Know the Team Behind Elizabeth Leigh

It’s not every day that boutiques in Charlotte NC pop up with such a targeted mission statement and a unique approach. We at Elizabeth Leigh are proud to consider ourselves both fashion aficionados and modern-day trailblazers. Our story begins thanks to an authentic love for all things fashion, and a desire to work towards creating a better industry for all. Our love for fashion coincides directly with our love for people, and the desire to create a space where artists, manufacturers, buyers, and sellers could all come together. We believe that creating an equitable system begins by giving a voice to all involved. That’s why you’ll find we regularly practice outreach to our customers to gauge what’s working and what’s not. In addition to finding out what they want to see more of. People come first, that’s the bottom line. All the wonderful options for Charlotte hat, clothing, jewelry, home goods, and more are an exquisite added bonus to our philanthropy work.

About Our Charlotte NC Boutique

Who is Elizabeth Leigh?

Elizabeth Leigh is you, the customer. It’s your store built your way. Elizabeth Leigh is also the talented artists that we feature, whose immense talent is the reason we’ve been able to create such a force for change. Elizabeth Leigh is us, the buyers, who do our part to ensure that we’re engaging in equitable practices that promote positive change, environmental reform, and sustainability amongst other things. Founded on the belief that people always come before profits, we’ve been able to successfully create a space where all involved are working towards a common good.

Elizabeth Leigh is the brainchild of Tammi Murphy, a North Carolina-based entrepreneur who saw a void in the established boutiques in Charlotte. What if a store could exist that has immaculate fashion and home goods, but also has purpose beyond aesthetics? That is precisely why Elizabeth Leigh exists, to prove that sustainability and style can coexist wonderfully. We offer a variety of product lines featuring jewelry, fashion, body care, beauty, and home goods. You’ll find an eclectic mix is present as we attempt to find products that represent a free-spirited and creative style. By highlighting various cultures and designs, we keep the promise of having a little something for everyone. As we advance in our mission and continue to grow, our hope is to find even more ways to push sustainability and lessen the impact of mass production. As of now, the company prioritizes independent artists who make handmade goods.

Although we’re based in the United States, our impact is felt across the globe, as we provide a diverse selection of fashion, accessories, and home goods in Charlotte NC, and beyond. We are fortunate to collaborate with artisans across the globe, enabling us to curate a selection that’s truly forged in diversity. We derive immense pleasure in working with those who share the Elizabeth Leigh ethos of valuing people for who they are, respecting the earth that provides us with resources, and doing good whenever possible. As far as we’re concerned, it’s always possible to do good.

Introducing The Champion Behind Elizabeth Leigh- Tammi Murphy

Today, Elizabeth Leigh is a masterful coalescing of multiple parts and people. However, at one point it was merely an idea in founder Tammi Murphy’s vault. As Elizabeth Leigh’s founder, Tammi knew that with her ambition and drive she could harness her creativity and passion to do something greater. With plenty of options for places to shop in Charlotte, Tammi knew that she needed to provide something special. It began by finding those who possessed the talent, Tammi herself always felt would complement her vision. Although her spirit derives immense pleasure in creating, it was always her intention for Elizabeth Leigh to be a place where gifted artisans could highlight their work. There are millions of talented individuals across the globe who only lack the platform and reach needed to establish themselves. Elizabeth Leigh is that platform.

Beyond her love for creativity and fashion, Tammi is enthusiastic about the world around her. Creating her own store gave her the opportunity to express her imaginative side while also advocating for better practices in the fashion world. Whether acting as an international fashion boutique or a beauty supply store Charlotte buyers can trust for holistic health, Elizabeth Leigh is demonstrative of all the ethics fashion is lacking, Together, with the help of the company, its partnerships, and loyal clientele, we are together creating a better future for fashion. Inspired by economic equality and the environment, Tammi continues to find ways to broaden her impact.

The company gets its namesake from Tammi’s two zany daughters, a signal to both customers and artisan partners that Elizabeth Leigh is more than just a business, it’s a labor of love.

About Our Charlotte NC Boutique