Express and Impress with Your Accessories

Any reputable clothing shop or clothing provider should have its fair share of options for accessories. Why should you accessorize? The opportunities to change around an outfit are endless and simple with a little help from us, your premier choice when it comes to places to shop in Charlotte NC. If you’ve ever wondered about accessories and how they improve your overall outfit, here are some of our tips and tricks for finding the perfect accessory.

Reignite your closet! You may not always have the means to completely overhaul your closet. Clothing can get expensive, especially if you’re trying to work with pieces that will be around for the long haul. Although we proudly offer lots of opportunities for clothing too, accessories make it possible to breathe new life into an outfit without having to break the bank. As a result, we try and find products that speak to many distinctive styles and fashion preferences. Elizabeth Leigh is here to help you find products geared for the long haul. Spice up your little black dress with a statement piece or find a new hat for aesthetics and sun protection. We’re your Charlotte hat store, accessory provider, and home goods handler all in one.

Don’t Break the Bank: As previously mentioned, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you need brand-new clothes to stay on top of fashion trends. At Elizabeth Leigh, we’re here to help dissuade fast fashion consumption and encourage finding staple pieces that are built to last. Accessories are perfect opportunities to get comfortable and learn how to find standouts rather than a revolving door of new products. With our unique inventory, featuring many designers who specialize in hand-made work, you are never far from your next one-of-a-kind item.

Giving Back Through Fashion: Building bridges with artists across the world is just one of the numerous ways that we aim to revolutionize the industry. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other boutiques in Charlotte NC, and across the country, that pair innovative fashion with a charitable bottom line. Our love for fashion paired with our desire to make the industry better has led us to expand beyond our wildest dreams. Moreover, in an attempt to expand our reach and give back to other important causes, we’ve paired with charities across the nation. We’ve donated hundreds of dollars to charities and organizations that make our world a better place. All you have to do is find the accessory of your dreams and you’re directly making an impact with your dollars.

Our Inventory- What You’ll Find

Accessories are classified as items that have the capability to completely change or enhance your outfit. Because Elizabeth Leigh deals in fashion and home goods, you’ll find that our accessories aren’t limited just to your body. We provide Charlotte NC fashion, home goods, international finds, and beauty. You’ll find products that can be on display in your home in addition to on your person, Our accessories are perfect conversation starters, highlights, and final additions to outfits. With so many talented artists to choose from, we do our best to pair with an eclectic mix of sellers.

As with the rest of our inventory, we regularly update and update our selection. Although, we’ve been known to restock those extra special products that get overwhelming love and appreciation from our customers. At the end of the day, we want to create a boutique that connects buyers, sellers, artists, and charities in a way like never before. With your help and contributions, we can continue to build the Elizabeth Leigh brand, a shopping experience that does far more than your average fashion warehouse in Charlotte NC. The more support we receive, the better equipped we are to expand our offerings, put more artists on, and strive for ethics in our industry.

With the simple purchase of an accessory, you can directly impact both the artist you’re supporting and our charity of choice. Because the success of our company depends on the ability to work together and enact change as a group, we are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap and pair our love of fashion with a desire to impact our world positively. It starts with the purchase of an accessory and ends with prolonged change thanks to customers like you.

Quality Without Compromise

Part of creating a moral landscape for fashion means not overcharging our customers. We strive to create an equitable exchange of goods where the artist is compensated fairly but you’re not paying exorbitant fees. Boutique shopping in Charlotte NC and across the United States, shouldn’t have to mean shelling out extreme amounts of cash just to get quality clothing and accessories. Elizabeth Leigh bridges the gap by giving our buyers plenty of options and choices without the pressure of excess fees. Given current rhetoric, it’s easy to assume that ethical means more money, more hoops to jump through, and less choices.

When in fact, we’ve created the blueprint for offering the best of both worlds and serving as your personal liaison to better fashion consumption. When it comes to accessories, we like to look for options that appeal to all kinds of styles. Whether you enjoy the timeless and sophisticated or the bold and colorful, there’s something to catch your eye. Our accessories for the home and individual make extraordinary gifts and we consider ourselves tastemakers for fashion Charlotte NC locals and those domestically can benefit from.

If you’re not sure just where to start, every month we feature an item of particular note and choose a charity to donate a sizable fraction of proceeds to. Keep an eye out for our options as they rotate monthly and highlight some incredible artists and their exceptional products. We try to represent a wide range of products which means you’ll find all kinds of home goods, accessories, clothing, and more!

Our accessories section is home to the best in hats, headbands, bags, ponchos, cuffs, rings, and just about anything you can imagine to elevate your outfit to the next level. When it comes to boutiques in Charlotte that keep you fashion-forward and ethically sound, Elizabeth Leigh is the undeniable frontrunner.