Find the Right Bag to Match Your Style

Let’s face it, most of us have been in the following scenario before. You’ve spent hours creating the perfect outfit, with all the bells and whistles brought to you by accessories, and clothing pieces. However, there’s still that one piece that you’re searching for, and it has the ability to make or break the entire ensemble. If you’re envisioning the bag, you’ve got the right idea. Bags bring a sense of completion to any look, and we’ve got the perfect selection for you.

Finding the right bag is like finding the shoe that finally fits. When you envision the perfect bag, what images start to pop up in your head? Are you a fan of a small and succinct clutch with intricate beadwork and vibrant colors on the in-seam? Or are you partial to a tote you might find in leather stores in Charlotte NC? Elizabeth Leigh is proud to join forces with artists who prove repeatedly their bags are crowd-pleasers.

Why Buy Your Bag from Elizabeth Leigh?

Bags are one of those items that often find themselves at the center of an outfit. Moreover, most of us have had an experience where we found the bag of our dreams and subsequently used it till it wore down completely. For one reason or another, bags are a direct extension of our style, and they often hold our most valuable items. Ergo, it’s pertinent to have a bag that will protect valuables and deliver style. We purposely search for bags that you can carry around with you extensively, without worrying about premature wear and tear.

While we adore bags and try to cater to trends popular and present in local Charlotte NC fashion, our boutique also looks at fashion on a global scale. As a result, our purveyors are constantly seeking to create an assortment and inventory that reflects both down-home intimacy and international elegance. What you’ll find in our bags is a direct reflection of sustainability and style. Elizabeth Leigh partners with designers who know how to create bags that are conducive to a life in motion. Therefore, whether you find yourself looking for the ultimate clutch or a reliable tote, we’ve got options in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

What makes our boutique special is our adherence to finding items that are special. Given that bags are such a classic accompaniment and focal point of an outfit, we seek to find those selections that yield a one-of-a-kind reception. Our specific brand of boutique shopping in Charlotte NC and online ensures that our customers receive an item that isn’t mass-produced or bland in any sense of the word. Elizabeth Leigh buyers are master-class at finding the perfect bags for customers whether their style is flashy and trendy or understated and sophisticated. Whatever your style may be, we want your bag to stand out in the crowd.

Fashion that Favors Ethical Industry Practices

In the era of mass production, fast fashion, and high turnaround, mindless consumption has become a staunch reality in fashion. Not only do these practices have environmental effects on our planet, but they are often popular due to their cheap pricing. Our boutique focuses on creating an equitable practice amongst the artists we buy from and the consumers we sell to. Elizabeth Leigh was created to bridge the gap as a specialty boutique that wasn’t just another generic fashion warehouse in Charlotte NC. We want our clients to feel like they’ve tapped into something revolutionary and enigmatic, without having to break the bank to do so.

At the same time, we opted to seek out bags from designers and artisans across the world. In doing so, we not only get a diverse smattering of different items, but we also help support those who do not have the backing of major corporations and juggernauts. Elizabeth Leigh thus aims to uplift and promote equitable trading that doesn’t rely on the exportation of goods and labor. Instead, when you purchase a bag off of our website or in-person at our boutique, you can rest assured it comes from a designer that has been thoroughly vetted. We never pair with a company unless we feel our bottom lines and mission statements are complementary.

As opposed to other clothing boutiques in Charlotte NC, our is one that wants to see you find the perfect bag. If for some reason you receive your bag and aren’t completely satisfied, we have a 30-day window for returns. Try as we might to represent all of our items as true to appearance as possible, we acknowledge that pictures don’t always accurately reflect the nature of the actual item. Our team wants you to be satisfied with your bag of choice, especially if you intend to make it a staple of your wardrobe. Don’t settle for less and find yourself stuck with a bag you’re not crazy about. We’ll help you find the ideal fit no matter how many times we have to work to get it right.

Unlike other boutiques in Charlotte NC, Elizabeth Leigh adheres to a strict policy of giving back. Our legacy is as much about connecting people with the fashion they love, as it is making the world a more equitable and safer place for designers to freely explore their craft without parameters. We’ve continually supported the underdog whether that’s in matters of fashion or charity at large. Elizabeth Leigh donates 10% of all of our earnings to charities and non-profits. We also regularly feature monthly products that directly support important causes. Our betterment of the world begins with fashion but knows no limits. The next time you purchase a bag from our catalog, you can rest assured your hard-earned cash is going towards worthy causes and sustainable practices.

A Bag for Any and Every Occasion

When it comes to bag boutique shopping Charlotte NC locals know we’ve got the hookup on an assortment of distinct types at that irresistible price point. Our boutique is dedicated to celebrating diverse styles and caters to fashion lovers with wildly varying tastes. The perfect bag is just a click away as you explore our inventory featuring everything from the comically whimsical to the sleek and chic. The type of bags we have are just as diverse as their coloring and patterns. Our boutique regularly houses:

  • Canvas Totes: Classically styled yet easy to clean and maintain.
  • Travel Bags: Sleek and compartmentalized, a breeze to store.
  • Crossbody: Small and secretive. Perfect for protection in crowds.
  • Coin Purse: Simplify a night on the town with the bare necessities.
  • Clutch: Same idea as a coin purse, just a bit more space. A cocktail dresses’ best friend.
  • Oversized: A tried, and true type of bag fashion Charlotte NC shoppers always gravitate to.
  • And More: You’d be surprised what comes through our ranks and makes its way into our inventory. You might just find your next yoga mat holder or laptop bag. Proving that we have the means and options to see you through your day to night activities.

Sustainable, Durable, and Made to Last

Part of our work as a boutique concerned with positively impacting the fashion world concerns lessening our carbon footprint. On the manufacturing end, this looks like pairing with artists who don’t prioritize numbers over creativity and are not mass producers of goods. Our bags are no exception, and Elizabeth Leigh works hard to find innovative styles that fulfill your needs while promoting the welfare of those in the industry. We are proud to be one of the boutiques in Charlotte proving that ethical production doesn’t have to infringe on style.