In Need of a Bargain? Let’s Talk Sales

When it comes to grassroots boutiques in Lake Norman, we understand the imperative nature of building strong bonds with the community and our customers. Part of that philosophy includes finding opportunities to put highly coveted items on sale. In our sale section, you will find a variety of different goods. Because we aim to diversify our offerings, at any given time you will find any number of different items for sale. From home goods and décor to trending fashion, the sales page is your gateway to bargains on price but never on quality.

At Lemonade, part of our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We don’t merely want you to stumble across our boutique, we want you to solidify it as one of your go-to shopping options. To foster that relationship and continue to provide a thriving international world market Lake Norman NC locals and domestic buyers can rely on, we do our part to be equitable. How do we assist those who may not always have the means to pay full price? As opposed to running sales on an occasional basis, our sale page is continuously stacked with options. We regularly update our inventory and have items regularly coming in and out. Moreover, you will find no lack in quality regarding our sales items. Every item that comes through Lemonade, be it full price or discounted is a quality good, period.

Sales That Matter

Finding a sale on Elizabeth Leigh is in many ways hitting the jackpot twice. Not only do you get to find valued products at a discount, but these same sales still support our artists and go towards our charities. You won’t find other boutiques in Charlotte that choose to operate from a people-first vantage point as we do. What we aim to provide at our boutique is a people-first production and a fashion taste-making experience secondly. We believe that sale items don’t have to diminish the quality of fashion, in the same way, that sustainable shopping is the future for success. Together, we reach these new heights which is why we always want to give back by keeping a rotation of items on sale. As with any of our inventory, items for sale also qualify for free shipping at $50 and over. Need an excuse to do some serious shopping? Do it guilt-free on our sales page.

What You’ll Find- A Little Bit of Everything

In order to keep our sales page fresh, we regularly rotate out items. You’ll find options for clothing, accessories, home goods, beauty, hats, jewelry. and more when you go through our sales page. As for the pricing on our sales, you’ll find significant drops on some of your favorite items, giving you the opportunity to zero in on several items. You’ll also find that our sales page is brimming with options, far more than just one or two. Indulge in the best of the best from fashionable clothing items to trending items and local favorites like classic Charlotte hat varieties and more. Treat yourself to our sales items today.