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Building Partnerships that Both Endure and Change the World

Most boutiques in Charlotte NC (or anywhere for that matter) will stress the importance of working with the right people. Even if the goal is not to take on the ethics of the fashion industry, solid partnerships make the difference between a well-oiled machine and the alternative. At Elizabeth Leigh, it’s always been a goal of ours to find like-minded people who believe in what we do. Our best partnerships are forged with those who share our ethics. What then, are the values we look for in our partners? Here are some of the ethos behind Elizabeth Leigh and how we gauge potential relationships with partners, vendors, and artisans.

Purposeful shopping means a lot of different things all at once. It can refer to a multitude of different practices, all with the intention of creating a viable world market Charlotte NC boutique. Purposeful shopping means cutting out the noise, creating relationships that are based on equity, and stepping away from the perils of mass production in favor of handmade or smaller practices. With purposeful shopping, we can create a system that doesn’t take the joy out of shopping but doesn’t rely on antiquated practices either.

Needless to say the cultural artifacts that we find appealing in fashion and home décor, will always have an increased level of authenticity if they’re coming from vendors around the world who actually inhabit and create in these areas. Elizabeth Leigh is a marketplace of fun, celebrating the world as seen through the eyes of various different artists. With our dedication to pioneering cultures around the world, we create a more balanced and vibrant inventory. We’re proud to create an around the world market Charlotte NC buyers can visit from the comfort of our webpage.

A lot of fashion industry practices have a direct impact on the environment, Yet, we continue to see these same practices and exploitation of resources and labor to create unhealthy working conditions amongst other ailments. Essentially, we feel it is our responsibility to forge responsible partnerships that value the world and aim to make the conditions surrounding the fashion industry far better regulated. Going up against a billion-dollar industry isn’t particularly easy. That’s why we focus on making the small but crucial impact that e do here. One day we hope to inspire others to follow suit. Labor exploitation is also a fundamental problem and prevents artists from being compensated accordingly. When working with any artist or partner of ours, we want to set an example for boutiques in Charlotte and beyond about equitable practice.

A People-First Approach to Fashion

Sadly, it’s not just fashion that needs an overhaul in its policies. There are far too many businesses out there that concern themselves with profit before anything else, including many in the fashion industry. In an attempt to combat this issue, we are committed to forging new paths and partnerships that promote positive change. We do this by working with partners who also believe that people come first. Beyond people, we’re also trying to improve the planet that we live on. Without a healthy planet, the system we’ve enacted will cease to exist. Therefore, we also aim to collaborate with people who see the value in preserving our planet by any means possible. Every action matters whether you’re a local Charlotte hat creator or an international clothing designer.

Giving back is the foundation on which Elizabeth Leigh was built. From our ethical purchasing protocol that all of our customers adhere to, to our charity donations, we’ve created a system that has consistently impacted the lives of others. If you share these dreams of sustainability and fair trade, we’d like to talk with you about joining forces. We’re always stronger together.

We have made a conscious effort to partner with brands who support our mission of purposeful shopping. We handpick companies that are making positive changes for either people or planet and often times, both. These companies represent our ethos of supporting artisans, giving back to our communities and/or participating in fair trade and ethical practices.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.


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