Introducing a Beauty Supply Store for the Bold in Charlotte

When it comes to making positive changes in shopping protocol, beauty is undeniably an area that requires massive overhauls. If you do any research into the world of beauty, you’ll find that far too many antiquated practices still exist from sourcing materials down to the packaging. These outdated tactics are at best outdated and at worst exploitative. Try as they might most beauty stores in Charlotte NC still inadvertently promote and support these practices. It’s hard not to. However, Elizabeth Leigh is making a conscious effort to promote a change in how we interact with the beauty industry.

Our boutique aims to find products that promote and streamline wellbeing without falling victim to some of the harmful messaging that directly surrounds beauty. Granted, when actively working against a multi-billion dollar industry, it can be difficult to find positive ways to combat years of harmful messaging. We’re redefining what beauty means one artisan at a time and investing in products that make you feel good above everything else. Our beauty products are here to help you feel good first and look good second. We are proud to work with artists around the world to usher in a diverse group of beauty specialists with styles and practices that encourage diversity. As your beauty supply store Charlotte retailer, we’re here to bring you the best in beauty from the trending to the avant-garde.

Our Inventory- What You’ll Find on Elizabeth Leigh

Typically when one thinks of beauty the initial images that come to mind surround makeup, skincare, and other practices relating to vanity. To clarify, our beauty store in Charlotte, NC believes that beauty products like makeup are a wonderful way to express yourself much like fashion. 

However, at Elizabeth Leigh we look at beauty as a holistic practice, believing that outer beauty begins internally. As a result, you’ll find many of our products focus on self-care. 

For example, common examples of products that we gravitate towards are soaps, scrubs, cleansers, serums, and creams designed to invigorate and rejuvenate skin. We even regularly stock soaps, with a variety of different properties and fragrances perfect for your specific tastes. 

We favor beauty brands Charlotte NC shoppers can feel good about in more ways than one.

Partnering With the Right People

We platform artists and sellers who share our views and promote positive shopping practices that result in better ethics and workers’ rights around the world. It is especially pertinent to advocate for these practices in the beauty industry that remains one of the more corrupt for a multitude of reasons. We take exceptional care to find products that you can feel good about supporting and artists who source their materials and ingredients with care and compassion. Elizabeth Leigh also recognizes that our consumers are particularly careful about the products they use. Hence why you can find comprehensive breakdowns on our website when you click on a product. Our Carolina beauty supply Charlotte NC operation is here to help customers from across the world access the best in beauty, and the products that speak to you.