Home Décor and Lifestyle Keepsakes

Lemonade Boutique is proud to offer an ethical solution for those seeking home goods, unique home décor, and lifestyle keepsakes. Our boutique exists to help mitigate common manufacturing issues across the world at the hands of mass production, pollution, and labor exploitation. We offer a way for customers to shop guilt-free and ensure that they are supporting practices that they can feel good about while receiving the goods they love. Home décor, much like fashion, is tied directly to our sense of identity and is an extension of our stylistic preferences. As a result, our team makes a concerted effort to find gifts that appeal to a wide variety of customers. Due to our partnership with artisans across the globe, we’ve created an around the world market Charlotte NC customers and beyond can access at the touch of a fingertip. We tend to have ideas in our head about what makes the ideal keepsake, and at our boutique, we strive to bring items to the table that boast versatility, uniqueness, and quality.

Choices You Can Feel Good About

At Elizabeth Leigh, we strongly believe that style doesn’t have to take a backseat to sustainability. In fact, whether we’re selling fashion accessories or gifts, we take pride in our ability to partner with artisans who make meaningful, distinctive pieces. Such is a great practice in gift-giving, especially if you’re trying to impress that friend who tends to have everything. Our boutique gives customers the opportunity to find impeccable gift options for friends and loved ones while introducing consumers to talented artists both domestically and internationally. We’re the Charlotte gift store constantly raising the bar and merging artistic talent with a targeted purpose.

If you’re curious as to why we pair with individual artists and small companies, the reasons are endless. For starters, Elizabeth Leigh has always felt enthusiastic about highlighting companies and artists that put extended time and effort into creating goods piece by piece. Whereas mass production can often yield popular inventory, there are still too many practices that revolve around large corporate fashion and goods manufacturing that are antiquated. We’ve created a website and boutique where you can feel comfortable knowing that every piece comes directly from a reputable and fair partnership with an artist, we have personally vetted. We do our due diligence to ensure your hard-earned cash is going directly into the pocket of the person who created your piece. Our team is proud to offer principled alternatives for home décor innovations Charlotte NC buyers can feel good about.

Although pairing with international and domestic artists is at the foundation of our cause, we also choose to work with different charities where a portion of our profits are donated. Thus, Elizabeth Leigh oversees multiple philanthropy efforts that guarantee your purchase is making a direct impact on grassroots artists and important causes around the world. We’ve done the research for you, meaning that all you need to do is browse our catalog and find the accessory, home good, or gift, which catches your attention. You’ll not only walk away with an item that’s exclusive and very often one-of-a-kind, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing your dollars matter. In that regard, we are far more than just one of the numerous cool stores in Charlotte. We’re the boutique that believes you can help change the world from simply shopping with purpose.

Handmade Home Goods You Won’t Find Just Anywhere

Handmade gifts, clothing, and accessories tend to speak for themselves. Not only are they intrinsically personal, but they tend to have small variances within their procurement that make them truly distinctive. Our crew goes the extra mile to find home goods that will add a point of interest to any room of your home. At our boutique, we like to hear feedback directly from our customers, which is why you’ll find so many opportunities for direct communication on our platforms. Whether you’d like to introduce us to a potential artist, give feedback on products you’ve received, or simply share what you’d like to see more of, we value your opinion. It helps us to create an authentically vibrant domestic and international store Charlotte NC buyers will flock to.

Keeping an open dialogue with our patrons also helps us know what they want to see more of. As a part of our mission for accessibility, Elizabeth Leigh is proud to highlight, and champion goods and products that appeal to all types of tastes. Nevertheless, we take your feedback into consideration and aim to put more of what you want on our virtual and in-person shelves. At the heart of our boutique is the mission to bring conscientious buyers in touch with talented artists. We aim to promote long-lasting relationships with artisans that create a reciprocal cycle of meaningful exchange. Authenticity is also a core tenant of how we operate which means finding artists whose work is culturally appropriate and relevant. Whether we’re acting as your first exposure to international goods or your local Indian jewelry store in Charlotte NC, the goal is to always put on artists who create with reverence and respect at the forefront. Rest assured when you fall in love with that specific piece at our boutique, it has been thoroughly vetted for quality assurance and production rooted in integrity. Now, you can present your loved ones with irreplaceable gifts that have an important story behind them. We enjoy nothing more than building bridges with artists who help make our inventory a more diverse, authentic, and enjoyable endeavor.

What We Offer- From the Traditional to the Inspired

We strongly believe that there are certain pieces and trinkets that simply never go out of style. For example, a candle with a decadent smell and ambient lighting will always be a go-to for gift giving. Furthermore, lighting tends to spruce up any space with minimal effort and is a cornerstone of our collection of home goods in Charlotte NC .Therefore, you can count on the boutique to continually stock the items that offer classic sophistication and no-brainer options for a quick yet personal gift. On the contrary, you’ll find our creative prowess on full display when you search our home goods, décor, and practical items. No matter what our current inventory looks like, we try to create a balance between items you can use and those that look good perched on a table or nightstand.

We regularly take the time to find goods that will make your life easier ala cutlery, spoon rests, utensils, salad bowls, and a whole lot of kitchen, bathroom, and living products. Serve up dishes to your friends with plates showcasing colors and patterns as elaborate and bold as the food they protect. Indulge in a loose leaf tea handcrafted using the finest ingredients as a base. And finally, unlock the finest in hand-poured candles and treat yourself to authentic Indian jewelry in Charlotte NC. With a constantly evolving inventory based on the feedback we receive from our customers we have options for everyone and the opportunity to promote products that you can feel good about gifting. Need an upcoming housewarming gift? Browse any number of our selections. Your loved one will be impressed by the exclusivity and artistry you’ll only find at Elizabeth Leigh.

As always, we want to hear from you! What did you love? What can’t you get enough of? What would you like to see more of? Our boutique is made possible thanks to our wonderful clientele, and we’re here to pick your brain and hear your feedback regarding our products. That world market Charlotte NC buyers and those in the states can use to browse, purchase, and indulge in world-class products we’ve carefully examined.

Convenience With a Conscience

Our world moves fast, and thanks to novel technology the ability to have a product to your doorstep in short order has become commonplace. While the practice of convenience is certainly alluring, there’s still far too much catchup needed on the moral end of on-demand item ordering. At Elizabeth Leigh, we’ve made it simple to find what you love and have it delivered right to your doorstep thanks to our reliable shipping. Moreover, we’d like to reward our customers for choosing us as their home for all things fashion and home. No matter where you’re located in the United States, orders over $50 are eligible for free domestic shipping! Next time you want to splurge on yourself or others, remember our gift store Charlotte NC located operation offers incentives for shipping.