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One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman

We took a couple year’s worth of lemons and made Lemonade! With a unique collection of gifts, a punchy sense of humor, casual clothing and the beloved denim bar, our store offers a unique shopping experience for the Lake Norman community!

We partner directly with artisans from all over the world as well as companies that promote positive change for people or planet. We invite you to accelerate positive change through the power of shopping.

Welcome to Lemonade Boutique, where ethical shopping practices never go out of style! Our mission is simple, yet effective; we work with artisans across the globe to curate custom collections that speak to the unique tastes of our customers and allow them to shop in a way that promotes sustainability and global responsibility. We highlight talented designers from all over the world, effectively streamlining an exclusive global marketplace right to your fingertips or doorstep. Whether you’ve chosen to explore our inventory in person or find yourself enamored with our eCommerce store, Lemonade Boutique provides a safe and secure avenue to browse and purchase clothing and home goods. With each purchase, we continue to highlight exceptional designers and show our customers that style doesn’t have to come at the expense of conscientiousness.

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When it comes to clothing boutiques in Charlotte NC, you won’t find any quite like Lemonade Boutique. We’ve paired our genuine passion for fashion with a mission that sees us infusing philanthropy, sustainability, and integrity into the industry at large. Every purchase at the boutique, no matter how small or large, creates a positive change for our planet and all who call it home. We’ve taken an everyday occurrence like shopping and transformed it into a purposeful venture that our customers can feel good about. Every purchase matters, and we’re thrilled to be a driving force for change in our world thanks to our dedicated clientele. Moreover, we work with both individual sellers and influential companies to further promote change in the fashion industry at the molecular level. Our knowledgeable team members will help you find everything from clothing to home goods in Charlotte NC, the purchase of which directly impacts principled consumption practices.

Why Engaging in Purposeful Shopping is More Pertinent Than Ever

If you ask any consumer about the origins of their clothing, you’ll likely hear them reference the brand or website from which the article was purchased. Unfortunately, our current digital landscape and its practices have put even more distance between consumer and source, leading many well-intentioned individuals to partake in less than ideal shopping practices. Furthermore, the digital age and fast fashion have only exacerbated the issue. While third-party suppliers often purchase clothing from a variety of different designers and brands with little to no research about how their policies and practices affect others.

Moreover, a lot of self-informed shoppers want to be better about their purchasing habits, but rely on fast fashion for affordability. As a result, it’s not always easy to find places to shop in Charlotte NC that promote an ethical experience while maintaining a realistic price point. Lemonade aims to fill this gap by upholding a fair pay structure that ensures both designers are adequately compensated for their work and customers don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to feel good about where their clothing comes from.

With that in mind, our goal at Lemonade Boutique is to make the practice of purposeful shopping accessible to shoppers of all kinds. We’ve found that if there are too many hoops to jump through, it often has an adverse effect on getting people to engage. To counteract this issue, we exclusively oversee the curation of our clothing and home goods collections by partnering with people and companies we respect and trust. We’ve personally curated a vibrant world market Charlotte NC patrons can access with the utmost confidence. Our team of certified experts goes through all the necessary channels to ensure that every vendor we partner with is one that helps us achieve our goals.


How it Works – Getting Involved

While we are based in North Carolina, Lemonade Boutiuqe is proud to ship to customers all across the United States. In fact, we offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $50 to incentivize and reward those who choose to shop ethically.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “How does Lemonade Boutique choose its partners?” It begins by carefully vetting those we work with and verifying that their own practices and procedures align with ours. We choose to partner with like-minded organizations and artists that share our concerns for creating a positive world impact through fashion. Together, we’ve created an around the world market Charlotte NC locals and customers across the states can conveniently access. More than anything else, it’s pertinent that we choose to collaborate with likeminded artists and companies that share a similar desire to enact positive change.

Our team is always on the lookout to build new relationships and partnerships, which is why we encourage artists to seek out our services if they’re interested in a potential collaboration. However, in keeping with our reputation for quality control and assurance, we choose to only partner with artists who do not engage in mass production and operate using wholesale pricing. In short, we customize and personalize collections based on exclusivity and features. To keep with our promises of excellence, Lemonade Boutique carefully vets the artists and companies that we partner with. We have strict parameters regarding our Charlotte NC gifts, clothing, and home goods inventory. With that said, if we believe a working relationship would be beneficial for both parties involved, we’re dedicated to maintaining and building strong reciprocal relationships.

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One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman

shop with purpose


we work with artisans from all over the world to bring you extraordinary handmade products


we partner with brands who actively contribute to positive change for people or planet

giving back

we are donating a portion of sales through December 2022 to the North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue.

Our Values in Action

Because Lemonade Boutique is not just any clothier, we take extra strides to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best. We’re in the business of exceeding expectations whether it’s through our unparalleled customer service or philanthropy efforts. To keep ourselves accountable and in a constant state of striving for distinction, we closely follow and adhere to these values:

At Lemonade Boutique, we are always looking for ways to improve our relationships with the people who make our venture possible, and those we partner with. Your feedback and satisfaction are invaluable as we believe it is through unification that we’ll change the world one Charlotte gift sale at a time.

One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman

Lemonade Boutique is More than Just Clothing- We’re Trusted Tastemakers

In an attempt to usher in a new era of mindful consumerism, we’ve extended our inventory to account for more than just clothing. Lemonade is a lifestyle boutique that aims to bring style and panache to all of your spaces. At our boutique, you will find the following (and more!)

What Our Customers Say

One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
5 reviews
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
I love shopping at Elizabeth Leigh Boutique. I am always pleased with all my purchases. You will always find great quality and awesome customer service.
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
Shelli Myers
1 review
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
To place an order was an easy process and the shipping was outstanding! I happened to find a shirt through google and placed the order with no hesitation. I plan to shop here in the future. Thank you Elizabeth!
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
Adriane Ovcharenko
6 reviews
One of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake NormanOne of a Kind Boutique in Lake Norman
Fantastic customer service and I love everything I have purchased. I am very impressed with the quality of each item and I will absolutely be buying more! Plus, I love everything this business represents! I’m very happy I found it.


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