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Building Our Very Own International World Market Charlotte NC

At Elizabeth Leigh, we believe that talent extends to all corners of the earth. Fashion is one of our greatest cultural achievements and has served as a way for people across the globe to come together and create. We’ve always been inspired by artists from around the world who dare to inspire with fashion that ranges from the timeless to the avant-garde. Our boutique is making the world just a little bit smaller by giving our customers access to artists from all around the world. Our one-stop-shop vendor experience allows you to experience the very best and latest in fashion, all from the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, there is an astonishing number of talented people in this world. In fact, you likely know some of them in your immediate circle. While other boutiques in Charlotte might oversee the important work of putting on local artists, we’re taking it a step further. We’re diving directly into a massive pool of talent and sifting through all kinds of artists to find those whose talent is inspiring. Since the founding of Elizabeth Leigh, we’ve had the honor of working with people from all across the world and helping magnify their talent to an audience who cares about the origins of their fashion and home décor.

Our Artists

Getting featured on our website also allows for more exposure and the opportunity for clients to build their own relationships with the people we represent. As a result, we’re able to create a strong network with personalized ties that bind. We choose to pair with vendors and artists everywhere, in turn creating an around the world market Charlotte NC residents and those abroad can access at the touch of a button. Suddenly, you’ll find that distinctive treasures from all kinds of cultures are at your behest. These items make the perfect housewarming gift or statement piece in your wardrobe. We are proud to collaborate with artists from all over the world with varying ideas about what beauty and fashion entail.

Our Artists at a Glance

In an attempt to not gatekeep artistry, it’s our goal to never delegitimize anyone’s art. With that said, given our mission statement and the work that we do here, it is pertinent that we have certain expectations for our artists. We don’t have to align perfectly on every single issue, but as far as the ethics of the fashion industry are concerned, our boutiques in Charlotte NC, and online are focused on championing artists with the same core values.

Our artists come to us in a variety of ways, whether we seek them out or they proposition us themselves. As a company that focuses on a lot of community outreach, it’s not unusual to encounter artists who we feel would be an asset to our team. It gives us immense pleasure to champion the people we work with and show their art to a wide range of different clients. The beauty of Elizabeth Leigh is never knowing quite what you’ll find and allowing yourself to explore without guilt and inhibitions.

Want to Work With Us? Here’s What it Entails

In our relationships with our partners, there is no hierarchy involved. We are collaborators before anything else. Whether your passion is home décor or Charlotte hat creation, here’s what we look for in partners.

1- Aligned Ethos; If you do not have a personal stake in purposeful shopping, a working relationship will be difficult to sustain. We handpick companies who insist on making positive changes for people, the planet, or both. If you believe in fair trade and community values, you’re a good contender.

2- Talent: It’s certainly subjective, and we tend to work with all kinds of talented individuals. Essentially, do you produce items we believe our clientele wants?

3- Do not engage in mass production: To put it bluntly, we do not have interest in pieces that are churned out for the masses with little individualization.

4- Handmade a plus: We don’t necessarily require handmade products, but it is represented in our partnerships.

Do you have what it takes? Let’s talk.


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