Understanding The Need for Ethical Places to Shop in Charlotte NC and Beyond

The key to understanding the need for change begins with identifying the issues behind the current paradigm. Although the fashion industry appears rather beautiful and illustrious from the sidelines, there’s a lot more to it than extraordinary fabrics and delightful evening gowns. The need for reform in the fashion industry has been around since its inception. With the industrial revolution came a lot of opportunities for factory work to yield way to mass production. In some ways, mass production is unavoidable, however, even the ethics surrounding such practices should be examined.

At Elizabeth Leigh, we’ve taken a vow to critically assess the world around us and do our part to produce practical solutions. We don’t anticipate that we’ll be able to singlehandedly overturn fashion’s largest issues. However, we believe that any revolution can spark out of something as innocuous as boutiques in Charlotte NC. Part of what makes Elizabeth Leigh enjoyable for the buyer is also knowing that they’re positively impacting the world merely from making a purchase. It’s an effortless way to purposefully shop without having to jump through hoops. In a world where technology reigns supreme, it’s pertinent to make the entire process easy. We’ve taken the initiative to do the heavy lifting for you, by partnering with incredibly talented artists across the world. All you need to do is shop our collection for your favorites.

Our goal is to make an impact on more than just your fashion and beauty. We donate 10% of sales to nonprofits both locally and nationally. Each quarter, we choose a Charity of Choice to be the recipient of these funds. We reach out to our buyers and supporters for their input on which nonprofits to support. We cannot reach them all, but we hope, through your purchasing power, we can reach as many as we can. Our promise to you is that EVERY PURCHASE MATTERS, so whether you are helping to support an artist, a small business or a community, you can count on a portion of your sales being directly donated to an organization that is making a difference in this world.

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