Say hello to the young, talented photographer, Jawaun! Jawaun posted on a local Facebook group about his photography and was looking for anyone wanting portraits or nature photos. We looked at a few of his samples and loved the dark and moody vibe of his photos. We reached out to see if he had ever done any product photography and he had not, but there’s something about the mood his photos presented that we thought would translate well to some cool social photos. It was a major challenge to throw a young male 12 products aimed at older females, but he did a beautiful job capturing lots of product details. It’s definitely a learning experience for both of us, but we love that he is local; we love that he’s talented; we love that he stepped out of his comfort zone and was feeling really vulnerable during this project. We look forward to working more with Jawaun. In the meantime, here’s a little more about him and how you can reach out to him if you would like to snare some of that talent.


Born in Statesville NC, I’ve been doing photography for about 2 years now and ever since I started, whether I’m out on a walk just snapping pictures or doing mini photoshoots of my friends, I’ve always been a fan of visual storytelling.