Backyard Bee Handcrafted Candles – Tupelo


Only 2 left in stock

Scent Notes: jasmine + butterscotch + oakmoss

Only 2 left in stock


Lowcountry jasmine blended with warm, comforting butterscotch.  Woody, musky oakmoss reminds you the forest lives by the sea.

Our candles are handcrafted of 100% premium soy wax and all cotton wicks. The scents imitate honey varietals as well as reflect the seasonal shifts throughout the year.

  • 14 oz / 70-80 hour burn time
  • Handcrafted in Greenville, SC
  • Phthalate Free

About the Artist

The beekeeping venture started only a few years ago, with candle making following shortly thereafter. This nagging fascination with tiny, auburn bees that fly from flower to flower and inhabit a pretty white box where you find frame after frame of velvety, golden honey enchanted me. A couple of years later, while enjoying some clover honey from our hives and a candle burning in the room, my husband and I thought wouldn’t it be lovely to burn a candle that smelled of honey. This notion would not leave us. Brian studied the process of making candles that burn clean and even, and I studied the terrain the bees work when a honey varietal is harvested. Backyard Bee offers eight mainstay and three seasonal scents. A portion of our sales is given to local beekeepers to help sustain their practices.


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